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  • 7 September 2022
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I've been searching the community but I haven't found much information about it or users with the same thing happening to them.

Our customers usually respond to a ticket with confirmation of whether or not their reported problems has been solved and, in addition, they ask about other matters. As you can imagine, we manage new questions in different tickets, so we must split the ticket based on the last response from the customer.

The problem is that when splitting the ticket, the customer's last response is copied to the new ticket and removed from the original. In this situation, we must copy the customer's response from the new ticket and add it as a note in the original ticket, causing a significant loss of time every week. It is important to keep the response in the original ticket because it usually contains relevant information for us.

My question is, is there any way to fix this automatically? If someone is in the same situation, do you follow a more optimal workflow than the one I mentioned that helped us?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @rgandia - thank you for your query! We’ve passed along your question to the support team and they will be reaching out soon. 

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Hi @rgandia 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


We understand that it is time-consuming to add the last response to the old ticket while splitting a response as a new ticket. Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to retain the last response in the old ticket at the moment.


We already have a feature request in place for this. In general, the requests will be processed based on the number of users who've requested for them and based on the priority and current schedule of the feature request queue. 


Please have a look at our Ideas page, and post your ask here. We will look into this and take this up from our end.


Hello @alyssia.correa and @Aishvarya,

Thanks for the answers, I imagined that there would be no option at the moment but thanks for the confirmation. I'll take a look at the ideas page. Have a nice day!