Stop the MINT Countdown- MINT is still broken

  • 6 November 2018
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Mint is currently in Beta at best. We experience severall problems, where e.g. Solutions URLS are cut off or Due Dates cannot be changed after they are overdue. All this works fine in the old version.

You cannot just force a new UI on your customers with a countdown while letting them beta test it.


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3 replies

Just a sample. Language or Error wrong. Whole Error is not fit to time, so might be totally wrong. Due date not editabel before 5th of January for no explained reason....


Finally someone who says what's going on! Thank you Lars! Freshdesk was such a good product. I don't understand how you can drive your customers, whether free or paying, so scared away.

2018 is the year in which almost everywhere you are still just a beta tester and that is not a voluntary choice, but a forced one. No matter if they are smartphone apps or other services. Even if you even pay regular money for it, you don't get the contractual service you pay for now, but are simply a guinea pig...

A month ago I reported a problem with the new design "Mint" here in the community. The people at Freshdesk are not responding. Yesterday I published the same topic again here. So far the answer is still pending.

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Hello @Lars@Rene,

Over the past few months, we have been fixing issues and bugs reported by our users to make Mint more productive for you. You can find the changes we've made from our Release notes forum and we'll continue to work on a few themes that we've identified through user feedback.

The edit due date option would appear on the subject pane as shown in the screenshot below. You can edit the due date of a ticket when the current status has the SLA timer running (ie. Open or any other custom status).

Are there any other issues that you'd to highlight here?