Strange line spacing in Articles

  • 2 February 2022
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Hi All,

We’re seeing strange spacing in our articles. Here’s an example of a preview

Here is what it looks like when I edit it. It is set to normal, Helvetica Neue, and 16pt. How can I control all the white space around the unordered list? Ditto on a single blank line looks like two blank lines.




1 reply

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Welcome to Freshworks Community :) 


This is a common issue. The problem usually occurs when there is a lot of <p> tags which has cause the line breaks. This could happen when you are trying to copy-paste the content from some other editor. 

Kindly navigate to the content and choose the text where this is set up and then copy-paste the content to docs/notepad. Then place the cursor in the article content box, press ctrl+A, and then hit backspace which would clear all spaces.


Can we format it?


This should help, however, feel free to drop a note if you face any challenges :)