Supervisor rule to automatically close emails from a specific email address

  • 28 January 2022
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Hello everyone,

I am new to Freshworks (2 weeks old) and I have been given Supervisory duties. Over the past two weeks I was sending out emails to clients and some emails bounced back and Microsoft send emails that have been come up as open tickets. I would like to know what supervisor rule I can set to automatically close all Microsoft emails once they show up in the open tickets.

5 replies

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Hi David, It is better to restrict the auto response mails not to auto forward in your mailbox level so that those mails will not be converted as tickets. 

Next option is to have conditions in the ticket creation where the “Requestor Email” is set to the Microsoft sender ID and in Perform Actions as “ Delete” the ticket. Sample screenshot as below

Hope this helps.



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Hello Vinothkumar,

I have set the rule and I will keep you updated on whether it works or not. Thanks for the assistance. Furthermore, will this rule delete the messages that were there before the rule or it will only delete the emails that contain those words from now onwards?

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Hello @davidM265,


The ticket creation automation rule Vinothkumar suggested would be applicable for new incoming tickets in your helpdesk. In case you want to delete existing system generated microsoft emails, you can set up a Time trigger automation rule like below:


Sample time trigger automation


Please make sure to tweak the time trigger automation rule with specific conditions as per your requirement since this involves ticket deletion and valid emails should not be deleted. Also, the time trigger automation would work on an hourly basis on tickets created/updated within 30 days. 

Feel free to drop a note here for any further help!



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Thanks Ramya,

I will use this time trigger automation from now onwards because this would have solved my problem nicely. However in my quest to fix the problem, I have learned a lot from you and Vinothkumar and also I also learned how to create a scenario. I ended up creating a scenario to delete the 20,000 plus open tickets that I had to delete the existing the tickets.

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That’s great news, @davidM265.

Feel free to drop a note here for any further help. Happy supporting. :)