• 7 November 2014
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1. You will first need to create an account at

2. Once you have created your account, go to the management console at

3. Click on your name in the top right corner and select Edit profile.

4. Select Apps, then click on Create script token.

5. Enter any name and description, select either Create, view own
and edit own sessions or Create, view all and edit own sessions then
click Save.

6. Copy the token you will be shown for use later.

7. Download the ZIP file and extract contents.

8. Click the New FreshPlug button in Admin > Integrations > FreshPlugs tab.

9. Give a name and a description.

10. Copy the code from TeamViewer.txt and Paste it to the script area.

11. Find the line that looks like token: "Enter your token here" and replace the text with the token saved from step 6.

12. Make sure Show the widget in ticket view page is the only option selected.

13. Click Create and Enable to start using your new FreshPlug.

I am not getting the 8 step.

I am not able to find the New FreshPlug button. Please help me

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21 replies

Where can I download the code?

Where can I download the code?

Sorry, I didn't see this before now.

Jorgevargaslarrota and Steve, you can download the code here:

Kirti, does this help?

Is there a way to specifiy the group id for the plugin? Teamviewer API is throwing an error that a group id is not set.

Here is the full error message. 

TeamViewer reports the below error: {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"When using a company token the paramter groupid is required.","error_code":1}. Try fixing the error or Contact Support.

Hi Nick. I have released a new version which should fix your problem. I have requested freshdesk to update my original gallery post but I've attached it here for now.

Please see the relevant line in readme.txt:

12. By default this freshplug will place sessions created in the "Freshdesk" group. You may want to change this or you may get an error regarding the group ID when creating a ticket. If so find or make a group in the TeamViewer management console and look at the URL. It should be something like this: Copy the numbers to the groupId field below where you added your token. Add a "g" in front of it so the end result looks like groupId: "g00000000"

trying to add this to freshdesk and under the ticket I just have an empty TeamViewer section

Hi Michael, I've fixed the problem - the freshplug page on my server was using an old certificate

seems to be working now, thanks

We have had a few discussion with the TeamViewer team. Do let us know any specific use cases that we can explore and we will make it a point to put that on our agenda. 

A nice addition would be to attach a the computer profile in TeamViewer to the customer's account in Freshdesk


the code not worked


There is how to translate the plug code ? We need the text in Brazilian Portuguese.

Hi Vladimir

You will need to download, translate the text and do one of the following:

  1. Host it on your own server (will probably need to be https enabled) and change the line in TeamViewer.txt to point to the new URL. Make sure you keep it a protocol relative url (starts with double forward slash, not http:// or https://)

  2. Replace the line in TeamViewer.txt which references the old URL with the contents of teamviewer.js

The line to change in TeamViewer.txt is:



Thanks a lot! This has worked fine for me!

Hi group, this might be a noob post but I've followed the instructions and get the following error when I click on New Remote Session button, I see:

Button labelled: Generating SessionCode...

Message: Problem in connecting to TeamViewer. Response code: 400

Does anyone else see sessions by unexpected people in their service queue?  Something seems to be shared here...

I get the message;

Problem in connecting to TeamViewer. Please try again later.

getting "TeamViewer

Request timed out. Please try again later." just started happening

Would it be possible to get this working with something other than Teamviewer.

We currently use Ultra VNC viewer 

We use this for roughly 100 locations, which we group into region.

What we would LOVE to be able to do, is be able to add the teamviewer ID and password into the company page. Then, in ticket views with that company attached, be able to select remote control or file manager.

The other thing is each of our agents have individual teamviewer accounts; which is linked to our main company account.  It would be good to see each agent logging into these computers on their discreet login.