Teamwork Desk and CSV Migration Help

  • 21 September 2019
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We are trying to migrate from Teamwork Desk with much difficulty. We were told we could migrate tickets with CSV files. Teamwork exports tickets and customers with two different files. They also export .JSON files. We had them converted to CSV files but the migration team is telling us the files are not working. That they have a bunch of blanks. Teamwork Desk uses a customer ID that means nothing in Freshdesk so I would like to merge Teamwork's customer export with the tickets export to get the necessary email field for a FreshDesk migration.

My team is doing little to assist me, just saying it doesn't work and then pushing me to pay $450 to use their data migration service. If this CSV import is part of the service, there should be a template example of a properly formatted CSV file that would work. This would help users tremendously.

When I sent my team the CSV file the first time, they just said it did not work and tried to push me to spend $450 on their migration service. I kept digging and was able to find someone on the phone to help. After reading about customer imports in their knowledge base (couldn't find anything on migrating tickets through CSV on the site but Freshdesk advertises migration) I saw the email field is necessary and brought it up to my team. They didn't even suggest that could be the issue before I pointed it out. I provided a new CSV file with emails to test and was told it did not work and, again, was pushed to spend $450 on migration.

I then asked for an example CSV template, and was immediately told no....AGAIN. was told something about customer security. But I need a template...something that could/should have been provided to me over a week ago. I pushed and I am told it is being worked on. But the weekend is passing...another 2 days gone.

I have been trying to migrate information for over a week with no real assistance. I am wondering how users migrate from Teamwork or other platforms that are NOT Zendesk using a CSV file. I am seriously questioning if Freshdesk is the right company for us with this type of support. There is no sense if urgency. The migration cost was sprung on me after the fact. If Freshdesk imports using my CSV files I have to pay immediately without getting a chance to use my trial, which I halfway understand. Everyone keeps saying, "Yes, I understand your frustration" with no action. I feel like I am chasing Freshdesk in order to pay them $150 month. I am very disappointed in the support. I know Freshdesk is an amazing product, but the support is unbelievable.

Has anyone imported tickets with a CSV file from Teamwork or anyone else other than Zendesk? I would love some help/assistance.

1 reply

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Too bad I’ve come across this topic so late. CSV imports can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have clear guidelines and assistance. Freshdesk has a short guide here that tells you the basics of a CSV import. And to migrate tickets, you need to use the API.  

Have you considered/searched for any 3rd party apps? I work for Help Desk Migration, and as the name suggests, we specialize in migrating data between help desk software, including Teamwork Desk and Freshdesk

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a DM and tell me if you’d consider opting for a 3rd party tool. And if not, why?