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Hi there,

We are a small organisation, but we get a lot of email contact and tickets getting created.  What I am looking for is a way for the system to automatically close a ticket that has been sitting in a certain status for too long.


We reply to the customer with the information they asked for.  The ticket goes into a status "Waiting Customer"  then if the customer does nothing - after 5 days it closes automatically and sends them a notice.

Can this be done?  We have tickets piling up  that have not been looked at for months.

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Hi John,

To Close tickets which has been on 'Waiting on customer' status for more than 5 days can be achieved by setting up a Supervisor rule,

Condition : 

 Match All of the below,

-- Hours since agent responded >>  is    >> 120 hrs

-- Status  >>  is >> Waiting on Customer

Action : 

-- Send email to Requester 

-- Set status as >> Closed

Hope this helps.

That's exactly what I need!   Thank you!!!

Just a quick one - If I not include the email to Requester step, will the system automatically email the requester on Close?

The system will send a closed ticket notification to the requester if the notification is turned on under Admin>>Email notification>>Requester notification.

Yep I do!  That's awesome!  Thank you!!

Do you know when the rules run?

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The Supervisor rules don't follow a pattern but they will be executed once in every one hour . 



Thank you!  

It appears to be working well.

Hi Anirudh/Aravind,

I have made the settings as explained but I see nothing seems to be working.

Any suggestion on this?

Hmmm... Was this reply meant for me?

No John, I was asking it to Anirudh/Aravind.

But it seems to be working now after modifying one more setting.

-- Hours since agent responded >>  is   >> 120 hrs didn't work!

-- Hours since agent responded >>  greater than   >> 120 seems to be working.

However this discussion was lot helpful.


Hi There

It is working for us!  120 hours works fine

I have 2 in fact.  One that notifies me after 3 days, and the closes the ticket after 5 days.  :)


 Supervisor rule is applicable only for tickets updated within 30 days.

How can I auto close the tickets older than 30 days?

We have lots of tickets piled up  that have not been looked at for months.

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@Manoj: In that case, you can use the bulk actions option available in the ticket list view page. You can sort using the Created by filter and then perform the bulk action to close the tickets


This is very helpful. Can you please clarify for me -- is a Supervisor Rule the same as using Dispatch'r ?



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No, a Supervisor Rule is not the same as using Dispatch'r

There are three types of rules:

  • Dispatch'r - run once when ticket is first created. First rule that fits the criteria is used. All other Dispatch'r rules are ignored, so sequence is important.
  • Supervisor - these rules run every hour for tickets where something has happened in the last month. All rules are applied when criteria are met.
  • Observer - these rules are run when a specific action (event) is taken, so when a reply comes in, a note is added, etc.
So type of rule to be chosen depending on what you want to achieve.

Ok, thanks. We want a ticket that is set to RESOLVED to automatically move to CLOSED in 48 hours of inactivity. I do not see Supervisor options but perhaps it's because we are currently on a free account?

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See attached example (hours need changing). I don't know if this is possible when you are on Sprout plan. I thought it was, but maybe not.


Thanks so much. I think I don't have access to Supervisor? We plan to do a paid account but are not quite there yet... Do you mind sending a screenshot of where you see Supervisor in the UI?


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See attached screenshots.


Thanks so much, Mark! Seems like it's because of our Plan so once we move to paid I can implement these rules. Really appreciate your support!

This supervisor and is not available on the free version. It only has automation, and on the automation there is no Hour Since Updated selected.

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The Supervisor, Dispach'r and Observer rules have now been replaced by Automations. And in that there are three tabs, but maybe only in a paid version.


The Hours Since Updated is available on the "Time Triggers" tab, but maybe you don't have that tab.

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As @Markmentioned, the Supervisor rule which is now the Time triggers automation is supported from the Blossom plan in Freshdesk and the condition "Hours since" is available only in this section.

Refer to this solution article to get detailed insights on the Automation feature in Freshdesk.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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close tickets?





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Hello @geebranz 


Ideally, the tickets which are in the status ‘Closed’ are termed as closed tickets in Freshdesk. Feel free to drop an email to support@freshdesk.com for any further queries and we would be happy to help!



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