Ticket fields - remove an option from dropdown = consequence?

  • 4 April 2019
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My question is if I remove an option from a custom dropdown in Ticket fields, will tickets that have this value be set to empty, or will they retain the value? If they retain the value, can these still be found/filtered in the statistics module, or are these unmapped values now only visible when you look at individual tickets?

I know that we could hide drop down options using JavaScript so that is a solution, but it limits the possible people who could carry that out compared to removing drop down options in the UI. But I don't want to lose data on the actual tickets. Losing statistics is probably okay as the purpose of data is most importantly for providing better/faster support to the end users.

1 reply

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Hello @leif.linse,

We apologise for missing out on this! Hope you were able to find the solution to this query. 

Each field and its value will be mapped to a backend ID. If it’s removed, edited or modified, the field value will be set to null in the associated areas like tickets and reports and this is the behavior of the product.

Here’s a workaround that could be helpful in such cases. Let us know if this works!

Happy Freshdesking!:)