Ticket Filtering Export by Date doesn't work

  • 4 August 2022
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When trying to export all tickets under a date range, when filtering by start mm/dd/yyyy when selecting the starting point (Jan 1, 2015) and the end point (Aug 4, 2022) the year filtering stays within the same year as last selected.   


IE  you cannot select anything outside of the last 30 days of whatever the last year setting you make. 


The second you select the ending time the date automatically switches to 30 days from the new selection. 



I’ve also tried selecting the dates by the arrows but no matter what I do the date sticks to 30 days. 

This makes zero sense. I need ALL ticket history for a company. 

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Hi @omg,

From the ticket list view page, you would be able to select the timeframe from Jan 1, 2015 to Aug 4, 2022 and I’ll guide you to how to do it.


Step - 1: Kindly select the start date as 1st Jan 2015 as shown below:


Step - 2:  Now click on the end date side and select the month and year as shown here:


You might not see the start date which you have selected here as the calendar only shows last 60 days of timeframe in UI but kindly go ahead and select the end date to view the entire selection.


Step - 3: Now click on the end date as shown here and you would be able to view the entire selection which you have made and the click on update:



Now as you can see, the entire selection from Jan 1, 2015 TO Aug 4, 2022 is made as intended:


After making the selection in the list view, you would be able to use the EXPORT option to export the data as per your requirement.


Hope this clears your doubt here. Kindly do check this and let us know if it works for you please.


Thank you!

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Hi there,


If you need to export all tickets, just set up the Created at date field as 'Any time' and apply the desired time. For more details, you can check this question.


However, if this solution doesn’t work, consider an automated migration service. This way, you can ask for any desirable time change or filter tickets by status, priority, etc. 


To do so, set up a free demo migration. Go through all the steps. And then request a custom demo. 


I hope any of the information can help you. 


Best regards,