Ticket merging under Mint does not work

  • 22 October 2018
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 The merge feature is quite useful under classic.  Once pressed, it will search all tickets for matching email address and display them.  I have the option to merge the ones I wanted. 

Tried under MInt several times, each time, only the ticket I am currently viewing is displayed.  Yet as I progress through the backlog, I encountered several emails/tickets from the same individual. 

It is broken or I am doing something wrong.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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2 replies

I hope you get help with your problem. Freshdesk's support and help is extremely bad. For days and weeks no answer to reported problems with the system or the new design mint. Newly created topics here in the community will not be published. Why I don't know. I don't know why Freshdesk lets the customers down like this. A customer is probably nothing worth with Freshdesk.

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The "Merge" window shows you the current tickets that have been selected and doesn't do an automatic search for the contact's history of tickets. We'll look into the option of auto-populating the email address of the requester on the primary ticket. Would that make your experience with the merge functionality better?