Ticket not sent to Slack channel on Group assignment (New Slack integration)


Using the new Slack integration.

1. Customer sends e-mail to support e-mail

2. Our support coordinator assigns Group.

Expected behaviour: notification gets triggered to connected Slack channel.

What really happens: no notification is sent. Notification to Slack is sent only when an agent replies to the customer from Freshdesk for the first time. From that moment onward everything works as expected.

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Any resolution, i have the same problem

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After enabling the app, you would need to create automation rules based on your business requirements.

  • To push notifications to Slack when new tickets are created in Freshdesk, go to Admin > Automations > Ticket creation tab > New rule.
  • To push notifications to Slack when tickets are updated in Freshdesk, go to Admin > Automations > Ticket updates tab > New rule.

To ensure that your agents stay updated every time a ticket comes in, you can use this rule to match it to the right parameters and notify the appropriate group on Slack - be it a Public Channel or a private channel. You may even use this rule to notify the agent of the ticket on Slack using a DM.

Check out this solution article covering how you can set up an automation that works specific to the Slack app.

If you already have an automation rule setup and having issues with the notification, you can reach out to our support team, mailing to support@freshdesk.com with relevant information and a screenshot of the automation rule to check with this.

Happy Slacking!

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