Ticket Properties > Topic list will not stay in order that I specified

  • 21 March 2023
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I realize this is a known issue but can someone please explain when this will be fixed?  I have added topics over the years we have used FreshDesk and always kept them in alphabetical order.  They are no longer in that order.  Now they seem to be in the order they were added (but I’m not really sure that is what it is).   It’s a pain when you are trying to work and having to scroll up and down trying to figure out where a particular topic is.  All the other Ticket Properties seem to respect the order I put them into.  Why doesn’t the Topic list? 


1 reply

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Hi Mia,


Thank you for reaching out to the Freshworks Community.


Our engineers are currently working on this bug with high priority. We have received an update from our engineering team that the approximate ETA for the bug fix to go live will be April 10.


Will keep you posted on the updates.


Thank you.