Ticket Received email not sent to Requester if forwarded from Company Support Email ID

  • 19 February 2019
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Hi there, I am using the Sprout plan to try out your services. I configured my Company Support Email address (helpdesk@ptsstystems.co.in) and emails to this address are forwarded to freshdesk.com email address.

Email sent to the Company support email id is getting converted into a Ticket with a number. However the client sending support request is not getting a TICKET RECEIVED email from freshdesk.

When customer sends email directly to the freshdesk email id ptssystemscoinhelpdesk@pts3helpdesk.freshdesk.com

a TICKET RECEIVED email is sent to the customer.


Rajesh Samant

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1 reply

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Hello Rajesh,

Can you please let us know if you're using Outlook to manage the mailbox? If yes, can you please tell us if you're just re-directing the emails to the freshdesk address?

Also, can you please check if there are any Dispatchr' rules configured in the account with the action 'Skip new ticket email notifications'?