Ticket send and status "waiting on customer"

  • 13 December 2019
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Hi there,

coming from zendesk we´d love the automation to set the status to "waiting on customer" once an agent has replied to an ticket (NOT making internal notes).

How to do this in Freshdesk?

Thank you

2 replies


I hope Mark had given a satisfactory answer to your question. You can use the different options available when sending the reply or configure an automation rule, whichever works the best for you.

Thanks for your input, Mark.



I normally choose the option "Send as set as Waiting for Customer" when sending a reply, but it is also possible with automations:

There are three tabs, one for initial creation of tickets, one run each hour on all tickets created the last 30 days and one based on actions in tickets. So choose the third option (Ticket Updates") and create a new rule as follows:

Action performed by: Agent

Involves these events: Reply is sent.

Action: Set status as Waiting for customer.

That should work, but obviously it is more flexible if the agent decides when pressing the Send option.