Ticket Task/ To-do/ Follow up List App suggestions/ ideas

  • 4 November 2021
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Hi all,

I’m trying desperately to find a solution to what’s always been a basic part of every CRM; a to-do list.

I need the ability for agents as they work through tickets in Freshdesk to be able to set themselves a task with a specific date & possibly time, which appears on their own dashboard.

It should be able to be sorted by date, and link to the ticket that it was created from. 

As way of an example I’ve grabbed a googled image of Hubspot’s ability to do this.

If anyone has any Apps or ways to do this in freshdesk, please let me know.

I’m amazed that such a simple ability isnt already available. 


Thank you!

1 reply

This would be amazing to have and amazed it isn’t something done as standard