Ticket Update Automation - auto close?

  • 9 February 2022
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Hello!  I am attempting to run an automation and it is not working the way I need it to!!


Here is what I’m trying to do



And all things work – EXCEPT the ticket doesn’t close – it stays in open status.

I need the tag “BATCH COMPLETE” tag to be added, then the ticket closed.


This automation triggers off of a public note that is added by an agent from a batch emailing – we are trying to automatically close these tickets once the batch emailing has been completed.


Can you assist??


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7 replies

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Hello @foxcubmama, I hope you are doing well today. I understand all actions in the automation rule works but the tickets doesn’t close. 

Can you once confirm if all mandatory fields needed for ticket closure is filled? Just navigate to a ticket in which the rule has been executed but the status has not been changed > Manually try updating the status and see if you are seeing validation errors to filling values for any fields


Also, can you share a screenshot of the ‘Ticket Activities’ for us to check the descrepency? Thank you! 

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Hi @Keer I am able to close the ticket manually… which defeats the purpose :grin:


Here is a screenshot of the activities:


Does adding a tag re-open a ticket the same way that adding a note will?


I am able to go in and manually close without changing anything on the ticket


I appreciate the assist!!

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Adding a tag would not reopen the ticket and I wanted to see if you are able to manually close it just to ensure mandatory fields are affecting the rule here.:sweat_smile:


I could see the status was set as closed by the rule 


Was the status still not update after the rule ran? 

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Though it says “set status as Closed” it was not set as closed by the rule… it remained open.


I manually closed it after it remained open.

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That looks odd. Let me have this checked further. Can you DM me your account details?

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It looks like the “Automatically reopen...” rule could be interfering with the closing of the ticket, one rule wants it closed and one rule wants it open. 
Maybe you could update the opening rule so that tickets with the last interactions you mentioned do not re-open?

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@Crocus_Benford OMG i think that worked!!! my testing went correctly, so thats amazing. Thanks!