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  • 7 October 2022
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One of my requirements will be to generate a report for the time spent over the year, per customer.  The defualt “Time Sheet Summary” is close, but I see 2 issues:

  • The maximum time interval is 6 months. Why is there no option for year?
  • I don’t want to see per agent data. Just time per ticket.  So a total time per ticket, no an itemized list of time log entries.

Is that possible? It seems like these reports are mostly for management to keep track of their agents performance which is not what we’re interested in.  But more to let our customers know how many requests they are making and the time we spend on them.

Would this be possible through the analytics?

1 reply

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Hi @jasonish,


I believe that you’re trying to look at Time tracked for all tickets raised by a certain requester/company. If yes, you can achieve this in Analytics. Kindly create a custom report by clicking on New report option available in Analytics section and create a widget as shown here:


This metric would shown the Total time tracked(sum) of all tickets grouped by companies so you can see the data company-wise. You can also customise it as per your requirement.


Hope this helps.


Thank you!