Tracking Canned Response Usage

  • 16 April 2019
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Hi Everyone, 

I believe there is an app which can be used in conjunction to FreshDesk to allow you to track the number of canned responses used within it.

Is anyone aware of what this app is called?

Thank you! 


4 replies

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Hi @kirsty.clarke ,

We regret for the delay in responding.

With respect to tracking Canned responses. At the moment, we do not have the feature or an app, but please do not worry, we are working on this case with our internal teams and you’ll hear back from us soon!

Happy ticketing!:)


We are also very much in need of a functionality to track the usage of canned response. This will help us to only keep the ones we need and to remove the ones we don't use.


Is there any update on when an app or such option will become available? Maybe in the analytics section?




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checking in to see if this is something that has been added?


tracking the usage of canned responses would be very helpful for us to streamline our procedures.