Translating "Your Name" field in Help Widget

  • 17 June 2021
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Hello all!

First time messaging here.

By default, Help Widgets have a field in them that is called “Your Name”. I need to translate this field label to another language (in this case, Finnish).

However, I cannot find the field in either Ticket or Customer fields to rename it. Adding Finnish as a secondary language in the system did not update it in the widget either.

Widget is used outside Freshdesk Portal.

Any advice would be appriciated!



Best answer by hemanth.ramya 17 June 2021, 15:20

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4 replies

If renaming is not an option, would it be possible to remove this field from the widget itself?

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Hello @hanneskola,


We are super happy that you are a part of our Freshworks Community.  

Freshdesk provides Multilingual support API for help widgets to specify translations for labels used in the widget. However, there isn’t a way as such for the default field, Your name. In such cases, you can hide this field using the Hide fields widget API. The below code can be added along with the help widget code embedded in your external website. 


FreshworksWidget('hide', 'ticketForm', ['name']);



Freshdesk Community Team

This solved the issue, thanks a lot!

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Great, thanks for the update @hanneskola. Glad to be of help! :)



Freshdesk Community Team