Two emails when i close i tickets

  • 28 September 2022
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Hello guys, 

I’m new user on freshdesk. Actually, i Discover the system and i’m very happy to us, it’s a powerfull solutions for my company and my teams. 


Unfortunately , i’have an issue when i close i tickets from my client i will explain this with a quick resume/exemple Step by step. 



  1. My client create a ticket
  2. I update the ticket with a message that i send
  3. Client update the ticket with his response
  4.  I close this ticket with my response and i click on the action ‘’ send and  set as close “ 


When i use this button, the customer receive two mails


  1. First mail contain my last response 
  2. Second Mail contain my last response and the statut close.



What’s the best practice to send one unique e-mail to the customer ?



I did few tests  with succes


Use button ‘’close’’ + shift → One notification but the system don’t show the last comment

-Disable costumer notification when a agent close the ticket  and create a  automations Rules  (when an agent close/resolve a ticket, send it a email with the statut close  and the last_comment  → two notifcation


If I only use the costumer notification → two e-mail notifications


Our goal it’s simple, when i comment and close the ticket at the same time, we want one email notification to te customer with the statut ‘’closed ‘’ and the last agent comment ….



My english is really bad and i do my best ...apologises for my poor translation  :-)



If anobody have a idea to resolve this issue, i’m interested ! 


Best regard and have a nice day ! 










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Hi @Rom5000 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


I understand that you would like to send only one email to the customer upon sending a reply and closing the ticket. Unfortunately, we would not be able to prevent the agent’s last response from reaching the customer’s mailbox since any replies from Freshdesk will land as a reply email in their mailbox. Hence it would not possible for us to prevent the email from getting triggered. However, you can disable the closed notification under Admin → Email notifications → Requester notifications.

Here are some of the workarounds for your usecase.


  1. You can turn off the email notification and use a canned response to include a statement that the ticket will be closed at the end while replying to a ticket.

          Sample screenshot:


  1. You can select “Send and set as resolved” instead of closing a ticket. Make sure to turn off the email notification “Agent solves a ticket”. In this way, the resolved tickets would be automatically closed after 48 hours with the help of time trigger rule. Hence the customer will receive the notification with a time gap rather than triggering them at once.

Hope this helps :)