Update Agent API

  • 15 September 2022
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Doing a PUT an an agent to update their information returns this error:

"message": "Not allowed to edit Agent's profile information(name, phone, mobile and title)",


The documentation lists those fields as valid inputs.


Frankly… if you cannot edit that information what *can* you update? Also, attempting to update the email gives an odd error, even when the provided value is the existing value:

"message": "Email exists in multiple accounts in the org. Only org admins can edit this",


Basically, I’m not able to get the update API to do anything useful.


Snide comment: hate that the output from a GET is different than the input to PUT <sigh>. I have to move all the fields around. But I guess since they don’t work anyway the extra work was at least er… good for the soul?

1 reply

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Hi @webb.deneys 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!

We recently brought in the concept of Org where all the Freshworks suite of products will be under one umbrella. Currently we do not have public APIs to update agent names from the Org level and we'll have to do make changes only from the UI. Anyone with Org admin access will be able to edit the agent profile information. We shall align with the concerned team to update the document regarding update agent API.


Please have a look at our Ideas page, and post your ask here. We will look into this and take this up from our end.