Update custom fields on ticket with data from Company master

  • 15 January 2019
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I have customers that could have only 1 software product belonging to one of any 3 main product lines. The one product line is Auto updated to belong to a product group and the other two product lines belong to another product group. This update of my group based on the product line works fine.

Every product line have multiple product in them. On the company master file the information is kept, indicating for the company what the software product is, the version of the software as well as the database version it is running on.

On my ticket, except for the group I also have the 3 fields being product field, product version field and database field. (The other fields on my ticket is NA for this question)

I have rules that can achieve what I want it to achieve as asked below but the maintenance on the rules are to much so I want to optimise it and would like a rule/process as sked below.  

What I try to achieve

What I would like is a rule or a process that specifically do the following. (Read from Company)

When a ticket is created, I want a rule/process to check for which Company the ticket is created. This rule/process then need to find the setup of the master Company and retrieve the product field, the product versions and the database version from the Company master and update the custom fields on the ticket with the same name with the data retrieved.

Is it possible to update a ticket with data retrieved from a master file and if yes, how?


PS: I am on the blossom version

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