URL Fields - Truncate long URLs or change to "Click me" link

  • 24 February 2019
  • 3 replies

We are using a couple of URL fields to deep link to third party web sites. These links wrap over three/four lines. Any way to have them just appear as a shorter clickable link without the use of third party shorteners?

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3 replies

As far as I am aware all links can be edited (e.g. also the link button in this forum). So the text can be changed to something short and relevant (obviously the URL should not be changed). It is not automatic, but works fine for us. 

Thanks Mark that sounds positive. How did you do it? In the CSS? 

The URL's I'm interested in are ones that have been created as custom fields within Company records.


Sorry to disappoint you. I misunderstood your requirement. We use this for KB articles, canned responses etc., but not for fields in companies or customers.