Using custom_field in Create Ticket API

  • 11 March 2016
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I want to create a new custom_field by the name ''appname".I am using Advanced Rest Client for hitting API Requests. In the header part I am entering username and password in Base64 and in the Content-Type:application:json.This is the format of my Payload:





"subject":"Support Needed...",







But the response either shows up a 500 Internal server error or


"logout": "success"


Please suggest how to include a custom_field while creating a ticket.

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1 reply

Currently, you cannot create custom fields via API, they need to be created via the portal. Once created, you can create new tickets that contain that custom field.

If you are using the API v1, then please follow this guide -

If you are using API v2 (still in beta) then please look at this guide -