Using Freshdesk API to create a new ticket

  • 25 February 2020
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I'm not from a coding background so I'm struggling a little. We have a scenario where we do not want customers to reopen 'Closed' tickets as we want Freshdesk to open a new ticket. As this is not part of the default scenarios/actions, I have read that this needs to be done via the API.

I've created a rule, based on the ticket status and currently just from a specific requester (my test email address) and have asked it to create a new ticket via the API. I have, unfortunately, received 2 automated emails from Freshdesk explaining that the rule is not working, however it does not detail what is wrong, nor can I find log files within the UI to explain what is going on to give me the slightest clue what is wrong.

This is my API configuration so far: 

Trigger webhook

Request Type: POST


Requires authentication: currently unchecked, however I have used my API key AND my username and password, neither have worked

Add custom headers: unchecked (not required)

Encoding: JSON

Content: Simple

(Subject, Last Public Comment, Source, Ticket Type)

This is all the information we need, currently.

Could somebody with some expertise, please provide an insight into where I am going wrong, or what I have maybe not configured? 

Thanks in advance,


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@simon.harris88 The issue seems to be with the content type, please make sure to have it as advanced as we are trying to customize the content that is being sent.

Please have a look at this image for setting up a webhook to create a new ticket whenever a customer replies on a closed ticket.

Make sure to authenticate the webhook by selecting the API key and providing the API key of the account administrator or the administrator of the acount.

Also make sure to include all the custom fields that are mandatory for creating a ticket and passed in the webhook

Ticket Update Automation Rule


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