Using webhook to create a new ticket once a reply is sent to a ticket that's closed

  • 31 August 2022
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I'm trying to setup an automation rule so that when a customer replies to a closed ticket that’s got a specific tag (the ticket gets the specific tag when 7 days have passed since it was closed), that instead of reopening that same ticket, the last public comment is used to create a new ticket via a webhook.

However, I have a automation rule that ranks third in the ticket updates order stating that “When an action performed by Requester When Reply is Sent If Status is not Open AND If Status is not Need to check Set Status as Open” (we would like to keep this rule for tickets that have been closed prior to the 7 days mark).

I don’t have coding background but nevertheless I took the challenge head on.


I am not sure why the thrid rule gets executed first when the first rule is the webhook one as per my screengrab. 


2 replies


Actually, that’s not the case anymore. So the webhook for new ticket is triggered but I don’t know how to keep in the new one details such as the product since we have multiple products and it creates the new ticket on the default one.  

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Hi @lucia.m,


To be able to retain the product field value, we would need to pass the value from the older ticket to the new ticket using placeholders. I've checked this with the team internally and apparently the placeholder for "product_id": {{ticket.product_id}} doesn't work in webhook. I believe this placeholder doesn't exist in both our webhook payload and also in the list of dynamic placeholders that we provide. Hence we can't efficiently use this field in the webhook. Unfortunately, we do not have any other placeholder to pass the value for "product_id". We can hard code the product_id for example "product_id": 82000001731 (you can get the product id from the URL) but that won't serve the purpose of this automation. 

This has already been raised to our product team as a "Feature Request". Although we do not have an update on the timeline on when this would be available in the product as of now, we have followed up with the concerned product manager for more information on the roadmap. We will keep you posted once we receive an update.


However, the placeholder for group_id and other values should be working fine. Here’s an example payload for your reference:


"email": "{{}}",

"description": "{{ticket.latest_public_comment}}",

"subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",

"status": 2,

"priority": 2,

"group_id": {{ticket.group_id}},

"source": 1



Using this other data present in the older ticket can be passed to the new one.


Thank you!