validation failed - Jira on-prem

Our Atlassian domain is not public. We followed your instructions here and have whitelisted your USA IPs already. Still getting a validation failed error. Where do I go from here? 

I have not done this part: "For users who are using on-premise JIRA, can make the JIRA domain public by downloading ngrok (check out their website for information on download and installation procedures)." Their instructions are not this to be installed on the Jira server or on the users' desktops/laptops?


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Since FreshDesk has been unable to figure this out for a month, I stood up a brand new no restrictions DNS for Jira. Still the same problem. Cannot establish connection from FreshDesk. The same UID can login just fine directly.


Our Atlassian domain is also not public and have also whitelisted the US IPs Still getting a validation failed error. Did you find a resolution to this problem? If so, would you be kind enough to share the path you undertook to resolve with me?