Very slow and unhelpful response from Freshdesk support

  • 6 January 2019
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It's probably not in the right forum and I really hate doing this, but I'm a bit frustrated. Usually when I have a question it is met with a quick and good response by Freshdesk. But my last two tickets aren't. 

The first one is about my subscription: cancelled to prevent automatic renewal, lost a couple of features I used(thought it would not cancel immediately but when my subscription would end). So I wanted to resubscribe for the last 3 months I had left on my subscription. Was charged in full(more expensive then my first subscription), lost some features which where in my first subscription and lost 3 payed months(the new renewal date was set to the moment I resubscribed). Well... that was an expensive mistake. No problem, I'm to blame as well although I think the whole process is not well documented. So I opened up a ticket by sending it to an email address in the renewal email. I got a reply after a couple of days that this was the old and wrong email address and that someone create a ticket in the correct email address(ok... but I got it from your own send email, not from my address book. It wasn't even a reply to address, it was mentioned in the message). No problem I'll wait. After a while without a reply, I checked the ticket. It said it was closed(this pisses me off the most), but with no reply or solution. Replied myself to reopen the ticket, and got no reaction. I've send another reply last night, that is 14 days after the initial ticket was created(and 20 days after my first email). Can someone please wake up the agent handling my ticket? I know holidays are in between but still, 20 days?! 

The second is the Trello app in the market place. I know it is developed by someone else, but when I try to add it to the Mint interface it says it cannot be added to the old and new interface in the same time. Ok, no problem. I will remove the app from the old interface and add it to the new one thereafter. Oh wait... I cannot access the old interface as there isn't a link or any other way to access the old interface anymore. So created a ticket 9 days ago. Got a quick response, but that missed the point completely. After a couple of messages back and forth the last reply I got is from 3 days ago. Telling me it is not the product of Freshdesk. No I know, but I cannot install it in your product due to an error in that same product. So that means I need your help to get it to install. The question was if Freshdesk could remove the app or give me access to the old interface one more time. It has gotten deafeningly silent.

I'm sorry I need to this publicly but 20 days for a simple question is just too much. I don't expect an answer or solution I can live with, you can just tell me: "Sucker, you needed to pay attention with cancelling and renewing. But out of leniency we'll give you your 3 months back. Haha sike, we will keep the money too". But at least give me a response. And for the app: maybe I'm dumb and it's real easy to get it fixed, but I'm obviously not qualified enough to do that. So a little help would be appreciated.

If you think I'm totally out of line, feel free to correct me with a reply. I hate people who go bananas at something while it is clearly their error and it was really easy to solve/prevent. In that case, a preventive correctional slap in the face is needed and appreciated.

Kind regards and hopefully this will get someone to start working again.

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Hello Rutger,

We set ourselves a very high standard when it comes to assisting our customers, but it's really disheartening to see that we've failed to hold it up in your case. We're really sorry for the bad experience. We'll investigate where it went wrong and make sure this doesn't happen ever again.

We have the Account cancellation and the suspension terms defined in this article. I'd request you to have a look and let us know what you think about it. In the meantime, I'll talk to the Billing team and make sure you get to work with someone on the billing issue as soon as possible. 

We've also re-activated the Classic UI for your account so that you can go back and remove the Trello integration. We don't do this generally but I've managed to get the Classic UI re-activated for a day under special considerations. 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Hello Aravind,

Thank you for your quick response. I know that you have high standards, because usually you are quick with the response(like now) and very helpful. 

I have not read the reaction of the billing team yet, but just to make things clear: I fully blame myself for the account stuff. I have read the article and although the steps are clear, I think it doesn't suit my case. I wanted to cancel the subscription only, not the full account. And, I probably missed it, wasn't aware of the fact that the subscription is cancelled right away. I assumed that the subscription is cancelled after the payed period has ended. So for instance, I payed for a full year ending in februari 2019. I cancelled somewhere in november/beginning of december but made the presumption that I would keep access to all the paid features until after februari 2019, but it reverted to the sprout plan immediately. I just wanted to cancel the subscription so that I wouldn't be billed for the next year before I made up my mind if I wanted to continue with Freshdesk. As it looks now, I will be continuing so I put you and myself through a whole lot of trouble for nothing.

Thanks a lot for reactivating the classic UI for a day. This could be my mistake as easily as the billing problem, but I wasn't aware I needed to remove all the installed apps from the old UI before switching to mint. I will be removing the app right away.

Thanks for the help! 

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No worries, Rutger. The account and its data cannot be retained beyond 14 days after cancellation and so you might have to keep the account running to resume later at any point of time. If you still haven't decided to go live with Freshdesk and afraid of losing the account data, you can perform a backup for the entire account data (Tickets, Customers, Solutions, etc.) from the Admin -> Accounts section and have it stored locally.