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  • 6 October 2012
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How would we construct an API call to view the dashboard metrics (open, overdue, pending, etc) via a third-party app? Is it related to view tickets?

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7 replies

Hi Allen

Easiest way to address this would be creating a Custom View. Go to Tickets -> Select the 3 checkbox - Open,Overdue & Pending. Now, click on SAVE on the top and give a name to this view - e.g. APIView

Now, use this method to fetch this data via API

url: getUrl("helpdesk/tickets/filter/new_my_open"),
dataType : 'json',
success: function(data) {
- code for processing data --


Hi Vijay,

Thanks for your feedbck. I tried all of the following URLs:

And keep getting the error message:

"Unable to retrieve data. Try a different URL or check to make sure the resource is available."

I am using basic HTTP authentication and checking for JSON datatype.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

Thank you,
Hey Allen,

Just raised this as a Ticket, so we can discuss further on this



Hi Allen

You can use the URL directly in the Klipfolio datasource section, I tried a few views like Open Tickets or All Open and they work fine.

Follow the process below.
  1. Select the filters on the Right side, in Tickets list view.
  2. E.g Open, Pending 
  3. Save this view and you will notice the URL for this view as :
  4. Now this : 12345 is the key to be used to get those tickets via API
  5. In Klipfolio, Add a New Data source -> Web accessible Resource.
  6. In URL, use the method :
  7. Data format : XML , Method : GET , Authentication Type : Basic - Give your Admin Username and Password
  8. Now, after you save, you will see all the tickets in the 1st page and if you need to go to next page, select ?Page=2 and so on
  9. Currently we don't have the option to show Open or Closed counts value. We will enable this in our API soon
You can access your ticket online here –

Kind regards

Vijay Shankar
Freshdesk Support

PS : Check our Solutions & Forums for FAQs and Features.

Hi Vijay,

Is the open and closed count option available in the API? We really could use this for our dashboard. 

Kind regards,


It's been 11 months since last answer and still no simple 'count' requests in API. Please add open, closed and overdue count to the API.
That's the only data we need for our dashboard.

Are there any plans to improve the dashboard view to columnar form where we can simply filter what type of columns we want to view to get a birds eye view on a number of ticket data. For example, I would like have a column for all selected type tickets fields to display action column data rather than having to go into each ticket to view action or task or to do list. It is a bit cumbersome not to be able to get dashboard outlay of ticket data as a matrix without having to export the data.