Viewing ticket - how to hide autoreplies

  • 2 March 2023
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As of about 3 weeks ago, when viewing a ticket I now see the auto-replies as well as the original ticket.


The auto-replies add no new information. How do I hide them?




5 replies

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@ms-fosse: Natively there is no option to hide the Auto-replies threading to the ticket. For more clarity, can you paste the screenshot of the Ticket details page where the auto-replies is getting threaded.


Hi Vinoth,

Thanks for getting back. I’m not sure a screenshot would help - we did have Freshdesk showing tickets and responses without any autoresponder content. Now we see the autoresponders - it’s gone backwards because the autoresponses aren’t useful to agents. Do you know how we can turn them off in the agent view?




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I’m fully agree. Is not usefull to see all the autoresponses at the ticket view.


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@ms-fosse A new update now includes emails sent through automation rules in the conversation thread, as many customers have requested for it as it provides context and improves follow-up.

However, as mentioned by @vinothkumar.manoharan, there is currently no built-in option to disable this feature. If you want to request for the option to turn it on/off, please share your suggestion on our Ideas forum for our Product team to consider.