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  • 2 July 2014
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We are receiving voice messages through Fresh desk but we are unable to listen to the .wav files from our computers or even on our phones. Any suggestions?

8 replies

We have a similar issue.  The phone system sends the voicemail to email creating a .wav attachment, which forwards to FreshDesk.  When we attempt to open the attachment from FreshDesk, it opens a page from Amazon Web Services, and will not play the file.  If we download the file from FreshDesk, we can hear it fine using any other player.

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please help us with few sample ticket ID's from your respective Freshdesk accounts where this issue is happening?

Was this ever resolved? We can not listen to .wav files either.

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The phone system is up and running at the moment and the issue with the .WAV files were fixed longtime back. It's really unfortunate that we've not updated this thread. Should you have any fürther questions , get in touch with our support agents at support@freshdesk.com.


Hello! My issue is my voicemail emails will not move over to FD at all. Can someone please help? 

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Hi Tpittard,

We've sent you an E-Mail to discuss more on the issue that you're facing. Please check your mailbox and get back to us whenever you can.


I am having this exact issue, .wav files no longer download or .jpegs either.  This seems to be localized to my computer at the moment but I need it resolved.

Hey @dmackillop,

We’ve sent an email to you to have a deeper look into your issues. Please do check your mailbox and get back to us so that we can have this sorted out at the earliest.