Want to "Send activation email" automatically to unverified cc'd contacts, but do not want to "Send activation email" to all newly created contacts

  • 8 July 2020
  • 1 reply

We do not want all new contacts to get an activation email, so we have turned off "User activation email" in Admin > Email Notifications > Requester Notifications.

Unfortunately, with this setting change, contacts that are cc'd on tickets are not longer automatically getting the activation email.

Could you please add a "User activation email" option to the CC Notifications so unverified contacts who are cc'd get an activation email?

1 reply

Hi Shelly,

Hope you're doing well. 

If you toggle OFF the "User Activation Email" in Admin > Email Notifications > Requester Notifications, I'm afraid none of the requesters will be able to receive the activation email to verify the email address which will help them log into the support portal to raise/view tickets. 

Also, when a requester writes to your support email address keeping certain users under CC of the email, only the requester of the ticket will be getting the activation email provided the "User Activation Email" was toggled ON. 

If you'd want the CC'ed users also to verify the email address so that they can view the tickets by logging into the portal, you can add them as contacts in your Freshdesk and send the activation email manually. 

Hope this clarifies.