Webhook Automation on Outbound Email

  • 20 December 2022
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I want to create an automation that runs on ticket creation from an outbound email, anytime any agent creates a new email

So in FreshDesk they click  [+]New --> New email.  This sends an email but it also creates a closed ticket.  I want the automation to trigger specifically for tickets created this way.

I tried creating a workflow that runs when the ticket is created and the Source is outbound_email however this doesn't trigger when an email is sent.   

We run a webhook on ticket updates, however no matter what I try as settings I cannot get one to run on outbound email tickets.

2 replies

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Hi @cward 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!

I understand that the ticket creation automation rule is not working on outbound emails. As mentioned in our article



  • The Dispatch'r automation will not be executed on an outbound ticket
  • In Supervisor, outbound tickets without any replies from the customer will not be considered for the conditions 'Hours since agent responded' and 'Hours since customer responded.'


Freshdesk's Dispatch'r rules are business rules that support service desk workflows by performing predefined actions on newly created tickets. Hence this is the expected behavior on "Outbound emails."

This is because the system recognizes them as just emails initially, as we generate them; however, it would be classified as a ticket only when the customer responds back to that particular outbound email.  


The workaround would be to create a ticket update automation rule, and based on specific update, you can trigger the rule.


The issue is there are no further updates done to the ticket created from the outbound email, so how do I create a trigger on something that never changes?  I can have the system change something after a time period but that doesn’t trigger the change automation.