What are "Company posts" in Facebook?

  • 7 November 2011
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What classifies a post as "company post"?


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4 replies

Hi Mario

Posts that Agent or Administrator   posts in their Facebook Wall will be classified as Company Posts. Usually when users post some updates like "Feature request"/"Issues" they can be fetched in Freshdesk. Sometimes, Admins themselves post some Announcements or Bug updates etc. Depends in some cases where you want those posts to be added as Tickets in Freshdesk.


Hope this helps.




Thanks for the explanation. Then I advise you to change the description below the checkbox as it is very inconclusive and adds nothing to the checkbox label.

If a user on Facebook comments on that company post, does this comment post back into Freshdesk ticket? Furthermore, if it does, when a Freshdesk agent responds to that ticket, will the Facebook post receive the comments by the agent?

Hey Andy,

Yes, if you are converting company posts into tickets, the comments by a customer will be appended into the same ticket and if the agent replies to that post from Freshdesk, it will be seen in the actual Facebook post as well.