What is the 'null' field in the iPhone "All Tickets" view

  • 7 February 2016
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We've been using Freshdesk for a while now to keep track of problems in our community and I'm pulling my hair out with agents using the iPhone app and seeing "null" appear in the "All Tickets" view. I just can't see anything relevant and important in the full ticket information that would display as "null". This doesn't occur in the Windows or Android versions of this view. I found one old report of this problem here but it wasn't clear whether this problem was identified or solved. I had them reinstall from the iTunes store, so they are up to whatever the store has, which is listed as v3.2.2. 

Screenshot attached.

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That might have been a glitch with the older version UI but I believe this had already been sorted with the newer versions of the APP. Should you have any fürther questions, please write to support@freshdesk.com .