When customer REPLY with a different email address, another ticket is created

Most of my users have their company email forwarded to a gmail account... when the ticket is created via API is created with the company email, but when they answer usually they do it with the gmail account and the system doesn't recognize is answering to a ticket and created a new ticket.

Can this be fixed?



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When is this going to happen?

Hi Guys

I do agree there has been a bit of delay with this feature, but currently we are working on some major improvements/changes to the present platform, hence this feature is being pushed back a little.

Doesn't mean that we've completely ignored this feature, but we dont have any ETA for this as of now

Sorry to be disappointing you all at this moment


That is realy bad! 2 years are gone and nothing happened :-(

Yes, they said over 12 months ago, will be just over a month... still waiting.

We've gone "Live" with Freshdesk just under 2 weeks and have had two instances of another ticket being raised because the reply was sent from a different email address.  We've merged the tickets but they are a bit of a mess now as they contain some duplicate information.

Please Freshdesk, resolve this issue!

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Hello guys, 

I realise that we have been making promises upon this feature and have not been able to live up to it.

But trust me when I say we've been positive about rolling this out months back. Due to some technical difficulties, we had to push it back to development.

We're looking to get this out by the end of this year. Please bear with us until then. 



Any updates on this? the Roadmap seems at a Standstill for a long long time now 

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Sorry for not having much updates on this feature. 

We're positive about rolling this out by end of this year. 


I'm confused now, there are two threads going for the same thing (301070 and 5237).

I see Anna has responded above, saying that they are positive about rolling this out by the end of the year, but she replied with the following to the other thread:-



Freshdesk will append incoming replies to existing ticket only if the sender is either the Requestor or included on CC within the ticket.


Otherwise, just about anyone would be able to add replies to tickets just by sending replies with the ticket id. This can be a security concern and hence we have this check on the code level.


Hope you understand!



So which is right?

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Sorry for making it ambiguous for you. 

Let me try and explain it more clearly for you. Right now, in Freshdesk whenever a reply comes from an email that is neither the Requestor nor included in the CC, it will create a new ticket. 

So, this might affect cases where the requestor himself replies from an email different from the email he used to log the ticket. So to address these cases, we are coming out with the "Contact Merge" feature. This will allow you to merge two different emails of the same person to one contact profile. 

That is, one user can have multiple email addresses and when he replies from one of them, it would append his reply to the same ticket. 

Hope I have made it clear this time around. Please do let me know if you have further questions. 


We have the same problem as Adam Lantheaume describes.

I think the account merge feature might be good to have, but it doesn't really solve the actual problem.

This is getting a bit technical:

E-mail already contains features for threading, by using the References-header. Take a look under references in this link: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4021#section-2.1.10. If a ticket is referenced in this way, it should be pretty safe to assume that the message should be associated with the referenced ticket.

Of course, you can use ticket id as a fallback, if there's no match in the references. I agree that when relying solely on the ticket id number, you'll have to be a bit more restrictive with who can reply.

Exactly how it's solved isn't really my concern, but I'm just saying that it shouldn't really be a problem to do. The more freshdesk would adhere to relevant e-mail standards, the better, IMHO. That means, of course, that when you reply to an email, you'd expect the answer to be a part of the e-mail thread...

I'm just saying this since this is a pretty big problem for us. We have been running freshdesk (live) for about two weeks now, and had we spotted this problem before, we probably would have reconsidered our desicion. We expect to scale up in the near future, but this is already becoming a problem. It happens a lot more that we would have thought.

That said, we really like our overall experience with freshdesk so far. There are just some quirks that gets a bit annoying, this being one of the bigger ones.

Right now we use Freshdesk for our support team, but we would like to implement it for the sales team as well. Unfortunately this won't work as it is, so this is actually a real showstopper for us in the long run.

Hoping to check the status of this request. Is there a public road map?

I'd really like to be able to either merge the contacts or change the email to an email that's already in use.

Any new ETA?

I'd also like an update on this issue.

Its not uncommon that we have 5-10 new tickets created for each actual ticket. (does not happen for every ticket, but often enough to be a real problem).

We're having a major problem with this as well and, in our case, customers who are REPLYING to existing emails that they were already CC'd on are ending up duplicated.  Just adding my voice to this as there's already also a ticket that is being looked at.

This is causing duplicate issues for us as well.  Can you please provide a response around the solution.  Is the merging contact feature released soon.  Is there any consideration of a merging ticket option?

We have this issue but our cause is different and I don't believe Merge Contacts is the solution:

A customer will often contact their Account Manager directly on an issue which requires assistance from our Freshdesk Support Team. As an Account Manager, they should reply to the client directly and copy Support. That is good customer service. It is not reasonable to force our clients to contact Freshdesk and Freshdesk only.

Today, Freshdesk opens a new ticket for the Account Manager when they reply; and then when the client replies it sends the client an email that a new ticket was opened even though this is now their THIRD email on the subject! - and then another ticket is opened for another recipient when they reply, and other, and other. You get the idea - it's a total mess!

+1 for @SupportFefeld (and others) - At the very least, Freshdesk needs to add support for optional [#<ticket_id>] in the subject line. It's nice to have all the clever functionality but fix the basic functionality first.

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The Contact Merge feature is on its final testing phase and should be out by July mid, positively. 

As for the email threading patten, in addition to the ways I've explained on my previous response, if a reply comes from a user who is a part of the same "Company" as the requestor, it will thread the reply to the same ticket suggested by the ticket id on the subject line. 

May be this might help in the "Account Manager" scenario? Please do let us know. 


Hmm this is a pretty major issue. Any solution which requires training the end user to use specific email addresses or requires support staff to religiously categorise every user into a company in order to correctly bring in replies is not a good solution. You have to wait for the problem to occur, then categorise the new user, rather than preventing the issue from ever happening to begin with.

In my experience, using a ticket id in the subject to identify replies is the absolute best way to ensure tickets are linked correctly. Sure, occasionally you may have a user that changes the subject line for some reason, but that would be far, far more rare than users replying using different email addresses or cc'ing other recipients who also want to comment on the ticket. We will often have tickets which the client will forward to a third party like their IT support staff for comment and reply, and we'll want that reply to come in automatically. Cheap bare bones ticket systems like WHMCS do this perfectly well, so there's absolutely no reason this shouldn't be effortless in freshdesk. Linking replies to tickets via the ID in the subject (and perhaps secondarily via an ID in the message content) is really the only logical way that will ever work reliably in the real world. Guarantee you you will never stop receiving complaints until you do it this way.

I still don't understand why certain messages should be kept outside of the conversation. If someone replies to an email, it means that they already have recieved a copy of it somehow, so there's no security breach there.

As I have already mentioned, every email already carries a unique id, and a method for threading by referring to the id of the previous mails in the conversation using this ID (which most email-clients implement).

Why do you have to invent a new (flaky) method when there already exists a widely used standard that works well?

I just noticed a message from a different mail-address were automatically merged with the ticket now, so it seems like this isue might already be fixed. Will have to wait and see.

I have to agree this is a deal breaker for me as well. We are currently trialing Freshdesk and having 5 tickets per issue is warping our stats. Don't get me wrong - this is a fantastic system but this small issue is enough to not convert me to a paying customer. Freshdesk please fix this ASAP or we will be forced to go with Zendesk.

We are happy to inform you that we have rolled out the contact merge feature in Freshdesk and it has been enabled for all paid accounts. You can find this merge option in the contact details section, under the Customer's tab. Clicking on Merge, provides you with a search option using which you can look for the duplicates and merge them together.

In case you do not see the Merge option, please send in an email to support@freshdesk.com so that we can enable it for you.

K. Andrew Navin

I just noticed the the 4 Years old threat here, We have used fresh desk 2 Years ago, and it was really a pain. The ticket ID was not transported as header in the Emails, hence many recrated tickets just because of different email addresses. Heldesk Software from the 90s has solved this from the beginning.

2 Years later we are considering to give freshdesk another trial. And I must see nothing has changed over 4 Years! Now you asking you cusomer to merge tickets as you not solving this classic problem in the beginning.

May you take a break with your pushy marketing activities and go back to drawing board for a few minutes and resolve a long standing issue.

I agree fully with Holger's comment.

I can also confirm that the issue is in fact not solved, in contrast to what I wrote in my previous comment.

This can all be solved easily using the right techniques (I've already linked to the relevant RFC earlier). This prevents us to implement freshdesk in our sales department in addition to tech support, which most likely means we will have to migrate to another platform.

Ola, once i wrote this comment yesterday Freshdesk was putting me to moderation mode. Nice turn. FD, here are customers spending or want to spend money. this is a 4 Year old painful problem. Is there any reason for not simply fixing this?

Hi, I am trial-ing FD and getting multiple tickets creating like you folks are describing here. Kind of a show stopper for me. Any "recommendations" ?