When merging a ticket, that belongs to company A, why does Freshdesk allow the ticket to merged with Company B?

  • 8 March 2022
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We have had an issue on a couple of occasions where an agent will merge a ticket incorrectly, into another companies ticket. 

Why does Freshdesk allow this to happen? 

There should either be the option to restrict ticket merging into the same company, or there should be a prompt that says “The ticket you are merging into, does not match the original company name of <insertcompanyname>.”


As there is no way to undo a merge, I think there should be additional verification in place to ensure that ticket merging is going into the correct place.

The current merge pop-out doesn’t give enough information. Does not mention the company name


No company name is displayed here
No company name is displayed here. No way of comparing each ticket
Also no company name here. And below this is a huge amount of white space that could be utilised better.

There is a humungous amount of white space below the last screenshot, which really should be used to display additional information.

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Currently, you will be able to merge tickets with one another unless you are using Advanced Ticket on either of the tickets. This provides a wider scope to the agents working on tickets. However, I do understand the point you are marking.


We currently have moved the Ideas as a separate category in our Community. Access the Ideas forum and navigate to the section you want to submit an idea and suggest developments and also dive deep into the intellections of our Freshdesk community.