Whenever customer sends mail for the ticket creation,Freshdesk creating the 2 ticket for the one problem

  • 20 November 2018
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We have tried to solve this and are getting nowhere - everytime a customer opens a new ticket 2 tickets are created

We have opened a support ticket but are being referred back to our developers and the API but they do not have the answer either - how can we solve this issue?

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Hello Garry,

Welcome to the Freshdesk community. Congrats on your first post here :)

I had a look at your support ticket and it seems like the contact form on your website has two methods to send a ticket to Freshdesk. So, when an user fills the contact form, it uses our API endpoints to create a ticket and also, the filled in forms are sent to your support address. This results in the creation of two tickets in Freshdesk for a single customer entry. 

You can request your developers to stop passing the form data to Freshdesk via API or modify the email settings so that the forms aren't forwarded to Freshdesk.