Why is the issue regarding cursor jumping while typing being ignored by developers?

  • 12 September 2022
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For over 4 years now there have been numerous reports by multiple people to resolve the issue where, while typing in the description field of a ticket the typing cursor will jump to the beginning of the ticket.


In every thread where this is mentioned the case has been marked as “closed for comments” when the issue is ongoing and unresolved, sometimes without any response at all.

I had created a support ticket regarding the issue 3 years ago as well and the developers mostly ignore that ticket or claim that the issue is fixed when it is not.

Why is this is happening Freshworks??
The issue does not go away just because you ignore it.
This is some of the worst customer support I’ve seen in a long time.

Do better!

For reference, see:
(there are a lot more topics surrounding this issue and some of those topics appear to have been removed from the forum)


4 replies

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Hi @jono.chrimes,

Welcome to the Freshworks Community!

I understand your concern here, and we are doing our best to address this for you.

I have rechecked on the bug and this seems to be closed on our end, the fix has been deployed for this around 8 months ago, if you are still facing issues on this front, please drop a DM to me, I will create a ticket and follow up with my team on this immediately.


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Hi Pooja,

“this seems to be closed on our end, the fix has been deployed for this around 8 months ago”
This is what I’m talking about. The issue hasn’t been fixed and yet it’s been closed off, again!

I will DM you but please leave this thread open until it’s fixed.

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Hi @jono.chrimes - jumping in here as well. I’m Alyssia from the Community team. Please let me know once this has been resolved for you! If there’s any additional assistance, let us know how we can help!

@Pooja Bernice Thanks Pooja for looking into this!

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Thanks Alyssia,

I’ll report back here once the issue is fixed to let everybody know.