Widget embeded into modern sharepoint site

  • 14 January 2022
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Sorry if I am missing the obvious here but there has to be a way to embed the widgets (submission of tickets) onto a modern sharepoint site? 

Me and my team use sharepoints throughout our business and it would be really useful if we could embed the widgets so users can log tickets as they’re working in the environments.



1 reply

Hey Nick,


Have you figured this out and have you been able to add one to your site? There is a way to create a widget in FD and embed it in modern SP. However, I am faced with the issue of it not sticking. In modern SP there is no “script editor” web part OOTB. I had to download one called “The Modern Script Editor web part!” (no, I didn’t add the exclamation point :) it’s part of the name). I then copy/pasted the code. When i render the page, I see the widget in closed form. I can then open it up and send an issue to the flow. A ticket is successfully created. However, if I leave the page where I added the widget then come back, the widget is gone. if I take the page into edit mode (doesn’t matter if I change anything) then come back out, it’s there. Then if I leave the page and come back, it’s gone again. I couldn’t quite figure out this behavior. I asked the FD support team. All I am told is that some configuration on my modern site is incorrect. Nothing that I could see though. So here I am, checking on here to see if anyone has been fully successful in accomplishing the same goal.