Workflow Automator - Claim but not Disclaimer?

  • 28 March 2022
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I want to be able to move any new tickets with the word ‘claim’ to another queue, but because many email signatures/footers have ‘disclaimer’ in it, its moving all those tickets to the queue.  Is there a way to include claim but not disclaimer?

1 reply

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Hello @bladesedge,

Good day!!

I understand that you want to execute an automation rule only when there is an exact match for the keywords that you have mentioned.

Freshdesk has few filters available in terms of how the match should happen. So for your requirement, we suggest you use the "Has any of these" filter instead of "Contains."

  • Contains - would pick up if the keyword is available anywhere in the phrase.
  • Has any of these words -  would pick up only if there is an exact match


Adding a screenshot here for better context:



Before enabling it, you can create a test rule and check whether it’s working as expected. Here is a sample test rule for your reference:




Feel free to drop in a note here if you have any doubt. We’d be more than happy to help you out😀