Workflow is waiting for another event Orchestration Listener

  • 17 March 2023
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I have created a workflow with App Orchestration to SSH into a server and run a bash script that uses the aws cli to update some security groups. My workflow works fine to a point. It gets up to and runs the SSH script successfully via the orchestration server then workflow stalls waiting for something from a orchestration listener. I find no supporting documentation on this or if there is anything specific I need to echo or send from my bash script. The only errors I see in logs on the orchestration server state it is not sending to rabbitmq which did not get installed with the OSR. The server is online. It has internet access, however there isn’t even a execution log generated. Has anyone seen this or know what the communication issue might be? 


  • Workflow is waiting for another event Orchestration Listener

0 replies

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