"You are not authorized by Facebook"

  • 13 July 2018
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I can't get Facebook to authorize. The account I am logged in with is an admin on the page, but I can't even get that far. It just blinks off and says I am not authorized.

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7 replies

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Hello Bethany,

Can you please try logging out of any instances of Facebook and then see if the integration takes you to the login page? Also, Can you please make sure you're logging into Freshdesk using the default domain (ie. mycompany.freshdesk.com) instead of the custom domain URL?


Having the same issue...Logged out and in of both FB and FreshDesk, but still having the "You are Not Authorized by Facebook" message appear.

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Just got to hear from the team that there are issues with re-authorising the Facebook pages associated with an account. Facebook recently started to investigate all the apps listed on their marketplace and wanted all the developers to modify the app and submit it for approval. 

We had sent the app for approval but it has been rejected by the Facebook team stating the reason that public posts cannot be fetched and sent via an app. We've re-sent the app for approval insisting on why we'd need this feature with a detailed demonstration of the integration. 

While we're closely working with the Facebook team on this, we request all our users to be patient on this. We've already raised this as a high priority issues with Facebook and expecting this to be resolved soon.


It seems to be resolved

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Thanks for the confirmation, @Ilan. The issue has been fixed and you'd be able to add/re-authorize facebook pages in Freshdesk.


Dear, I am having the same problem. "Unable to access your Facebook channel, it seems that your username, password or permission was recently modified. Please re-authorize your Facebook account."

Do you have any ideas?



As off today I have the same problem even though Facebook was linked to my Freshdesk account before.