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  • 19 August 2015
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I have this query here in the api: https://kmligue.freshdesk.com/customers.json?letter=company. Why is it that it return all my customers? What is the basis of the letter?

return data:

[{"customer":{"created_at":"2015-08-19T02:58:34-04:00","cust_identifier":null,"description":"","domains":"","id":6000328734,"name":"Company 1","note":"","sla_policy_id":6000050951,"updated_at":"2015-08-19T07:20:30-04:00","custom_field":{"cf_email":"company1@gmail.com","cf_phone":"453423"}}},{"customer":{"created_at":"2015-08-19T07:19:52-04:00","cust_identifier":null,"description":"Company 2 Description","domains":"company2.com","id":6000328830,"name":"Company 2","note":null,"sla_policy_id":6000050951,"updated_at":"2015-08-19T07:19:52-04:00","custom_field":{"cf_email":"company2@gmail.com","cf_phone":"12312312"}}},{"customer":{"created_at":"2015-08-19T07:12:10-04:00","cust_identifier":null,"description":"Spaceship Manufacturing Company","domains":"supernova,nova","id":6000328825,"name":"SuperNova","note":null,"sla_policy_id":6000050951,"updated_at":"2015-08-19T07:12:10-04:00","custom_field":{"cf_email":null,"cf_phone":null}}}]

6 replies


The api query searches for the name, description and notes field for the particular letter you are searching. Could you please check whether the letter you are using to search is mentioned in those fields?.

could I search through custom field. Like https://kmligue.freshdesk.com/customers.json?phone=12323. phone is in custom field.

We currently do not have this capability to search based on custom fields. It is definitely on our roadmap, however we are dependant on a couple of internal projects and hence we anticipate taking it up in early 2016.

Is there any movement on this?  I need to be able to search by tickets via custom fields.  Rohit, you said you would be looking at this in early 2016 - which is 6 months ago, now.

Nothing new!?

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@mike_13944 @Christian M. 
Apologies for the delay in getting back here.

We have upgraded to the API V2 since 1st July 2018 and we have included the functionality to search tickets using custom fields(Single line text, Number, Checkbox and Dropdown). Here is the API Documentation that you could refer to have an overview of the different endpoints and guidelines you need to follow. 

Try exploring this and feel free to drop your feedbacks on this functionality here.


Freshworks Community Team