API: Reading tickets based on custom field

Is it possible to use the Freshdesk API to read tickets based on a custom field we have set up?

For example, if we have a custom field that is filled by a customers forum account with us (or similar), we want to be able to filter and read all tickets based on that customers forum account bearing in mind that their email might not be the same for all their tickets.



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HI I also need this option. Did you get the solution.?
if so, please share it.



Hi Sivarama

We have not found a solution yet. I don't believe it is possible with the API currently.


If your Custom Field is a Dropdown or a Nested Field, then your requirement can be solved using the Forums post below.


We are not supporting Single Line Text or Numeric fields or Checkbox fields in Custom views or API to be filtered and generated this as Reports.



Hi Vijay,

Sorry that's not a good solution. We want to be able to find tickets for a particular customer of ours through the API, but creating a view for each and every instance isn't feasible.

What's the reason for not supporting custom parameters being passed in? Because this is a real weakness in the API (being able to filter tickets as you want).

Hi Cody/Others.

Problem is the API method which you're requesting results to SEARCH method, where you can include a Custom Field and pull out the List of Tickets matching this Custom Field.

For this our SEARCH needs to be improved, i.e. Elastic Search has to be enabled and each time you call this Custom Field, its going to be an API call, and with the current API throttling of 500-1000 API calls/Hour, this might increase your API limit. So we've not enabled this for now.

We understand the use case here and the need for this option, but we will try to stabilise the Elastic Search first and Yes, Elastic Search supports Custom Fields search, even on Single Line Text or Number Field or so. Once this is implemented, we will open up Custom Fields in API, ensuring that the API and Search are stable to handle such loads.

In some test cases, where E-commerce sites are concerned, we've seen some heavy usage with more than 300,000 Tickets in the system and allowing this Custom Fields in API caused some problem, hence we disabled it.

Hope you understand


Hi Vijay,

We are facing the same issue. It is a must to search tickets on our Customer ID. I understand the problemen with 300.000 tickets and custom fields. You could implement an indexed field customer-id that is optimized for API-calls. I think 99% of the use cases of the API search points to the Customer ID. 

Kind regards,


We need this too.  We are using the api to go through closed tickets and bill time, but we need to only return results that haven't been billed yet (based on a custom field).  Otherwise, we have to get ALL closed tickets and loop through ALL of them to get what we need.  VERY inefficient.


Hi Guys,

Has there been any update on this? What are you all doing now to retrieve tickets via a custom non-indexed field

I'm also interested in this capacity, but not so for API retrieval of records. I want to do a direct search at "/helpdesk/tickets/filter/all_tickets" for customers with custom field set to XXXXX (the custom field in our case is not an individual customer ID, but groups customer under specific IDs) . I this also not possible via the UI?

We will need this capability in the API. The use case is the same as eddie's.


I don't know if it's the good way to do this, but I do a GET on  /search/all?term=[:my_value]&format=json&page=[:page_id]

where I find it?, send me your link to the entire forum.

where I find it, send me your link to the entire forum
need to insert a value in a custom field when creating a ticket by api,
as that is the name I have to reference for this field?

HI FreshDesk,
This is neeraj from OYO Rooms.
Any Updates here ? Without the search APIs on Custom Field, we are blocked on building many features related to tickets and their association with our model.
Can't you whitelist some API Tokens to use your elastic search for some number of calls if performance is holding you back. 


Filter tickets API allows you to customise your search query and obtain a list of tickets that match a specific criteria. This supports a wide range of system fields and also the custom fields that you've setup in Freshdesk.




Filter tickets API allows you to customise your search query and obtain a list of tickets that match a specific criteria. This supports a wide range of system fields and also the custom fields that you've setup in Freshdesk.



sorry but its not working for integer or text fields!

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Hello @Christian M., as of now, you’d be able to filter the following custom fields using filter tickets API.  


Custom fields - Filter ticket API

Can you share the API call and the response so that we can have this checked furter for you? Please drop a mail to support@freshdesk.com with the details and our support buddies would love to help you further.  

i have send a ticket to you: 8661091

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Hello @Christian M.,


We can see that our agent has addressed your API queries via the ticket. In case you still have any questions, feel free to reopen the ticket and we would be happy to help!



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