API Token seems to expire

  • 7 October 2019
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Our app links to a folder within FreshDesk that pulls articles into the app in a Notification panel.

The token is generated using the credentials of one of our developers, who does not log into FreshDesk.

It seems that after a period of inactivity, the token generated expires and the developer has to log in to refresh it. Almost as if freshdesk stops the API token working if the user has not logged into freshdesk for some time.

Is this expected behaviour?

`GET https://example.url.com ` resulted in a `403 Forbidden` response:

{"code":"access_denied","message":"You are not authorized to perform this action."}

1 reply


Hi @ben.kelly ,


Thank you for writing! First of all, Our apologies for the delayed response.


To avoid the 403 ‘Access denied’ error, Please provide the API key of an agent with the Admin or Account admin role. If you use the API key of an occasional agent or that of a user with maximum number failed login attempts, a 403 error would generally occur.


That said, You can also go through our API documentation to learn more about Freshdesk’s API and errors. 


Cheers! :)