Canned Responses API Access

  • 20 February 2018
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It would be helpful to have access to read/edit canned responses via an API endpoint.

Thank you!

5 replies

The canned responses feature is great! But our list of canned responses is growing. This brings these issues:

  • For new people onboarding the team it is very difficult to know what is on this list of premade answers. 
  • We need to update or remove certain content after a while, but this is very challenging I cannot find a canned response (and currently the search only searches in the titles), I may want to add a new one, causing duplicates, or our support agents might want to find out for themselves, redoing the work.

Having a way we can easily export or extract all the content easily, would help to manage the canned responses in a more professional way?

I noticed the API (v2) does not allow for extraction of this data.

I see also this related request:

@Micha: That's a great co-incidence. I just had a word with the Product Manager on how we can ease the task of managing canned responses and suggested that we could,

  • Allow API access to read/write canned responses (This is already in our plans)
  • Have an import/export option on the UI that'll be easier for users who don't have the resources to manage API

Will be happy to share more news on this once we pick this up for development.


It seems like the API now has the possibility to export canned responses:

Does the API also have the possibility to bulk change the Availability?

20 Canned Responses are available to Agents in Group "1". I want to bulk change all 20 Canned Responses to Agents in Group "2" instead of opening every Canned Response one after the other and changing the Availability there.

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Hi @david.seinsche,

I'm afraid we don't have the option to bulk update the canned responses or perform an update to change visiblity in the folder level.

However, we shall have your ask passed on as a feature request to our product team and keep you posted when we have an update.


Cheers! :)