Filter ticket based on custom fields not working

  • 4 September 2020
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Hi , I'm trying to filter ticket based on my custom field i.e. cf_customer_reference_number but in response i'm getting empty results. My custom field is single line text.

The api endpoint url i'm hitting is"cf_customer_reference_number :'INC2457257'"

and even i have tried it like the also"cf_customer_reference_number :INC2457257" and also i have tried using custom_string also"custom_string:INC2457257"

but in also i'm getting no results even i have tickets with this custom field having this value as you can see in the attached image



"results": [],

"total": 0



4 replies

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Hi @annu.sehrawat, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Upon checking, I can see that you’ve already raised this to our team and one of our support buddies helped you in resolving the issue :) 


If you have further queries, feel free to write to and we’d be glad to help as always! 




Freshworks Community Team. 

Hi! What was the solution? I saw this, but it's definitely not helpful (custom_string??)


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Hi @guidolodetti, I hope you are doing well today. I am adding a sample call below on how you can use the custom_string here to filter tickets using custom text fields.”custom_string:testnow”

Filter using custom text fields - Freshdesk  

Can you modify the API call mentioned above and see if that helps? If you are seeing any error, kindly mail the response of the API call to and our product experts would love to help you further here.   

Hi @Keer, thanks for your answer!

Why this change? It makes filtering by custom fields much harder, if not impossible, for those fields which contain mixed values.