Paginanation in endpoint v2/search/tickets

  • 11 November 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi guys. Specific in endpoint v2/search/tickets the param "per_page" dont work to give me more than 30 itens. Is this normal?


1 reply


Hi @felipe.maia,

Sorry for the delay!


I believe you are making use of the Filter tickets API and performing the call. However, using the Filter tickets we will only be able to list 30 items per page. This has been mentioned in our API documentation as well.


In this case, you would have to refine your search to simpler terms like using a value of the Status field or creating multiple views as such, You can also make use of the “List all tickets” API. . However, this would still be only 30 results per page.


Happy Freshdesking! :)