Agent Offline Status when they RONA (redirect on no answer)

  • 7 April 2022
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Hello Community

Wanted to know how many of the admin’s here would prefer Freshdesk Contact Center change the agent state to Offline when they RONA a call.  Currently as it doesn't change the state on the dashboard supervisor’s see the agent as AVBL and wonder why the agent is not picking up the call, while the agent see’s themselves as AVBL and wonder why they are not getting the call.  The fix is for the agent or supervisor to change the state manually (offline back to online).

If the system puts the agent offline for missing the call, it would give an exact real time experience.



1 reply

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This change would help our team very much! Instead of moving them to offline, could it switch them to a status of no answer? This would help distinguish the activity in our reporting.